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Summer Camps in Miramar

The Perfect Summer Camp Program For Your Adventurous Child!

Summer Camps - Life Learning Academy in Miramar Florida
Dive into Fun, Friends, and Unforgettable Adventures!

About Our Summer Camp Program in Miramar

Life Learning Preschool Academy welcomes your child to a summer filled with laughter, friends, and a whirlwind of exciting adventures! When schools take a break, the real fun begins at our Summer Camp Program!

Why Choose Our Summer Camp?

Playground Paradise: Our spacious playgrounds are a haven for energy unleashed! From games to imaginative play, your child will thrive in an outdoor wonderland designed for laughter and joy.

Thrilling Field Trips: Get ready for thrilling excursions that turn ordinary summer days into extraordinary adventures! From local gems to exciting destinations, every field trip is a journey your child will treasure.

Friendship Frenzy: Summer at Life Learning is a time for making lifelong friends! Our camp creates an atmosphere where friendships blossom, creating memories that extend far beyond the summer months.

Learning Disguised in Fun: Who says learning can’t be fun? At our Summer Camp, we seamlessly blend education with excitement. Your child will discover, explore, and grow—all while having a blast!

Countdown to the Best Summer Ever: Imagine a summer where your child doesn’t want to go home because the fun is just too irresistible! Life Learning’s Summer Camp is the countdown to the best summer ever, filled with joyous moments your child will cherish.

Why Choose Our Summer Camp?​

Why Choose Our Summer Camp?

Beyond the fun, our Summer Camp is a dynamic preparation for the upcoming academic year. We sneak in valuable skills, nurture creativity, and ensure your child is ready for the next step in their educational journey.

Enroll Today for a Summer of Smiles

Secure your child’s spot spaces are limited! in the ultimate summer adventure at Life Learning Preschool Academy. Let’s make this summer unforgettable—a time where each day brings new friends, exciting escapades, and the kind of laughter that lingers in the heart.

For enrollment details or to schedule a visit, contact us at (954) 213-1355 or email us at info@lifelearningacademy.org. Join us in creating a summer where every child wishes the fun could last forever!

FAQs About Our After School Programs

Our Summer Camp Program is designed for children typically ranging from ages 5 to 12.

Summer Camp typically runs during the school vacation period. Check our program details for specific start and end dates.

Our Summer Camp offers a variety of activities, including outdoor adventures, arts and crafts, sports, games, themed days, and exciting field trips.

Safety is our top priority. We have trained staff, follow strict safety protocols, and maintain low staff-to-child ratios. Additionally, all field trips are carefully planned and supervised.

Yes, transportation is typically provided for scheduled field trips. We ensure that all transportation complies with safety regulations.

Nutritious snacks are provided during the Summer Camp activities. For full-day programs, some camps may include lunch.

We encourage parental involvement! Parents are welcome to visit, attend special events, and even participate in certain camp activities.

We keep parents informed through regular updates, newsletters, and a designated communication channel. Any important announcements or changes will be communicated promptly.

Many Summer Camps have weekly themes or focus areas to keep the activities exciting and diverse. Check our program details for specific themes.

The enrollment process typically involves completing registration forms, providing necessary documents, and submitting any required fees. Contact our staff for specific details and availability (954) 213-1355.

I also wanted to ask you if we can do a page for Camps like school days off. We take those children also: example: Teacher Planning day or special holidays that schools may be closed. Let me know if you have any questions on this.


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Ingrid Quinones
Ingrid QuinonesGoogle Review
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I had an amazing experience just by taking the tour. From the clean and friendly environment to the amazing staff I would 100% recommend enrolling your children!
Mathew Mendez
Mathew MendezGoogle Review
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I just enrolled my son last week, it has been an amazing relief knowing that my son is attending a place so caring. They are so helpful and nice, especially Yady, she is amazing. Any questions I have had, she has been there to answer them.
Yadelin Garcia
Yadelin GarciaGoogle Review
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Enrolled my 2 year old daughter here and she LOVES it so much. This place has been completely recently been completely renovated and the director and teachers are super nice.
Thalia Garcia
Thalia GarciaGoogle Review
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Cannot recommend enough! They are amazing.


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