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Infant Daycare in Miramar

The Perfect Preschool Academy For Your Growing Baby Child

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Tiny Steps, Big Adventures!

About Our Infant Daycare in Miramar

Welcome to Life Learning Academy, where we believe that every tiny step in your infant’s journey holds the potential for big adventures and brilliant futures! Our specialized infant daycare in Miramar is designed to nurture your child’s innate curiosity, creating a foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Why Choose Life Learning Preschool Academy?

Reasons You Should Choose Our Infant Daycare

Curiosity Unleashed: At our infant daycare, we celebrate the magic of curiosity. Our carefully crafted programs are designed to stimulate your child’s inquisitive mind, encouraging exploration and discovery from the very beginning.

Holistic Development: From mastering hand-eye coordination to enhancing fine and gross motor skills, every moment in our infant daycare is an opportunity for holistic development. Our dedicated caregivers create a nurturing environment that fosters growth in every aspect of your child’s early years.

Early Learning Adventures: Life is an adventure, and we want your infants to embrace it wholeheartedly. Through age-appropriate activities and interactive play, we introduce your little ones to the joy of learning, laying the foundation for a lifetime of curiosity-driven exploration.

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We Provide Your Child A Safe Environment

Baby Daycare for Newborns in Miramar Florida

Safety First

Safe and Supportive Environment: We understand that entrusting your precious infant to our care is a significant decision. Rest assured, our infant daycare provides a safe and supportive environment where your child can thrive, surrounded by caring professionals dedicated to their well-being.

Parental Engagement: As partners in your child’s early education journey, we believe in open communication. Our daycare encourages parental engagement, keeping you informed about your infant’s daily activities, achievements, and milestones. Together, we create a collaborative and supportive community.

Enroll Today and Unleash Brilliance!

Life Learning Academy is more than just a daycare; it’s a place where tiny steps lead to big adventures and where the brilliance of every child is celebrated.

Enroll your infant with us to ensure they embark on a journey of early learning that sets the stage for a bright and successful future.

For enrollment inquiries or to schedule a visit, contact us at (954) 213-1355 or email us at Info@lifelearningacademy.org Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together!

Why Choose Life Learning Academy As Your Infant Daycare

FAQs About Our Infant Daycare

Our teacher to infant ratio is 1:4. This is the legal requirement for the teacher to infant ratio in Broward County.

Our infant daycare caters to babies aged six weeks to twelve months.

Our caregivers are certified professionals with specialized training in infant care, including CPR and first aid.

Safety is our top priority. We maintain low caregiver-to-infant ratios, conduct regular safety checks, and implement strict security measures.

Our daily routine includes feeding, napping, sensory activities, and playtime, tailored to each infant’s unique needs and schedule.

We follow the feeding and nap schedule provided by parents, ensuring continuity between home and daycare.

Absolutely. We have a designated space for parents to breastfeed or spend time with their infants whenever needed.

We provide daily reports summarizing your infant’s activities, including feedings, naps, and any notable milestones.

Parents are responsible for diapers based on parents’ preferences. We do provide two types of formula Enfamil Gentle Ease and Prosobee if the child is on another formula parents will need to provide the formula.

Our caregivers are trained in first aid and CPR. In case of emergencies, we follow a well-defined protocol and immediately contact parents.

Yes, we encourage a gradual transition to ensure both infants and parents feel comfortable. We work closely with families to establish a personalized transition plan.

To enroll, please contact us to schedule a tour. Once you decide to enroll, we provide the necessary paperwork and discuss any specific requirements or concerns you may have.


Interested in good preschool for your child? Our preschool academy in Miramar is the perfect decision!


Ingrid Quinones
Ingrid QuinonesGoogle Review
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I had an amazing experience just by taking the tour. From the clean and friendly environment to the amazing staff I would 100% recommend enrolling your children!
Mathew Mendez
Mathew MendezGoogle Review
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I just enrolled my son last week, it has been an amazing relief knowing that my son is attending a place so caring. They are so helpful and nice, especially Yady, she is amazing. Any questions I have had, she has been there to answer them.
Yadelin Garcia
Yadelin GarciaGoogle Review
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Enrolled my 2 year old daughter here and she LOVES it so much. This place has been completely recently been completely renovated and the director and teachers are super nice.
Thalia Garcia
Thalia GarciaGoogle Review
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Cannot recommend enough! They are amazing.


Our Preschool Academy is ready to nurture your child’s little intelligent mind!