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A Baby Playing With Toy in Infant Daycare in Miramar Florida

Infant Daycare

Tiny Steps, Big Adventures! Unleash Brilliance at Life Learning Academy! 

Our infant daycare in Miramar has specialized programs that will help nurture your child’s curious mind, unlocking a bright and brilliant future for your little ones. 

From mastering hand-eye coordination to fine and gross motor skills, every tiny achievement is a step towards a bright future.

Toddler School

About Our Toddler Program

Life Learning Academy believes in blending playfulness with purpose. Every activity in our preschool center is designed to spark curiosity, fostering your toddlers growth in a way that’s both enriching and enjoyable.

We invite your little one to join our family of eager learners. Our team, driven by passion and expertise, is here to cultivate a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

A Woman Reading A Book With A Toddler


A Child Stacking Up Blocks in a Preschool Program in Miramar Florida

About Our Preschool Program

The ages of 3 and 4 are the most critical years for your child’s cognitive, emotional, and social development.

At Life Learning Academy, we redefine the preschool experience, ensuring your child’s personal interests and strengths take center stage. 

Join us in developing your child’s curious mind at our local preschool in Miramar, where we will cultivate curiosity, intelligence, and more!


About Our V.P.K. Program

Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) is a Florida state-funded program designed to provide early childhood education to prepare children for kindergarten. 

It’s a crucial stepping stone in a child’s educational journey, focusing on building essential skills and fostering a love for learning. VPK is available to children aged 4 or who will turn 4 by September 1 of the school year.

Children Reading A Book Together

After School Care

After School Care in Miramar Florida by Life Learning Academy

About Our After School Program

At Life Learning Academy, we redefine after-school adventures, creating an environment where your child not only thrives but can’t wait for the next exciting day.

Our after-school program is designed to ensure your child thrives during those crucial after-school hours. 

Our skilled teachers guide your child through their homework assignments, turning any challenges they may face into triumphs!

Summer Camps

About Our Summer Camps

Life Learning Preschool Academy invites your child to share moments with friends, unleash energy on our spacious playgrounds, and embark on thrilling summer field trips when schools take a break!

Entrust your child’s development at our preschool, where we prepare your child for the upcoming year!

Summer Camps - Life Learning Academy in Miramar Florida


Interested in good preschool for your child? Our preschool academy in Miramar is the perfect decision!


Ingrid Quinones
Ingrid QuinonesGoogle Review
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I had an amazing experience just by taking the tour. From the clean and friendly environment to the amazing staff I would 100% recommend enrolling your children!
Mathew Mendez
Mathew MendezGoogle Review
Read More
I just enrolled my son last week, it has been an amazing relief knowing that my son is attending a place so caring. They are so helpful and nice, especially Yady, she is amazing. Any questions I have had, she has been there to answer them.
Yadelin Garcia
Yadelin GarciaGoogle Review
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Enrolled my 2 year old daughter here and she LOVES it so much. This place has been completely recently been completely renovated and the director and teachers are super nice.
Thalia Garcia
Thalia GarciaGoogle Review
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Cannot recommend enough! They are amazing.


Our Preschool Academy is ready to nurture your child’s little intelligent mind!